A collection of Houston performance artists connected in the desire to help and encourage each other's self discovery through performance, as well as a desire to give the gift of performative expression to others.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Submission, Highlights

Submission, a 3 hour durational performance art experience was an enormous success and wonderful  adventure for artists and audience alike. We are in the process of documenting all the works. In the meantime check out this video collage of some of the performance highlights.

Documented by Baltazar Canales
Edited by Jonatan Lopez
Featuring music by Boards of Canada 

“Submission” took place at Continuum Headquarters @ Summer Street Studios on September 6th of 2013 from 9:00pm-12:00. It included durational  performances by Joshua Yates,  Julia Wallace, Daniel Bertalot, Jana Whatley, Ryan Hawk,  Jonatan Lopez, Karen Mazzu,  Renee Cosette Pedersen, Josh Urban Davis, Hilary Scullane, Y. E. Torres, Raindawg, Koomah, Tina McPherson & Sandy Ewen, Emmanuel Nuno Arambula, Emily Sloan, Evan McCarley and Neil Ellis Orts. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Houston's performance art group Continuum presents "Submission," a durational performance art experience. 
Continuum's artists are creating an atmosphere of simultaneously occurring individual durational performance art works that in their occupation of the same space will create a unique experience. “Submission” will take place at Summer Street Studios on September 6th of 2013 from 9:00pm-12:00am and will include performances by Joshua Yates, Unna Bettie, Patrick Doyle, Julia Wallace, Daniel Bertalot, Jana Whatley, Jonatan Lopez, Karen Mazzu, Salvador Macias, Renee Cosette Pedersen, Josh Urban Davis, Hilary Scullane, Y. E. Torres, Raindawg, Koomah, Tina McPherson & Jonathan Jindra, Evan McCarley and Neil Ellis Orts. 
By their nature, art objects possess an authoritative aura in the way they are set aside from other objects. This allows the object to serve as a catalyst for a transcendental experience. However, this requires a submission on behalf of the artist and the observer to the hegemony of the object. When this relationship is observed in performance art, the object becomes the action itself and time becomes a powerful vehicle for expression. In durational performance art, the artist contorts their reality and body into a poetic idea, and allows this enterprise to occupy a prolonged period of time. In this way, the submissive relationship of the creator, observer and creation is revealed. In "Submission," the artists will display aspects of this voluntary state of submission by performing their pieces simultaneously.
Refreshments will be served. Dress lightly, it might be warm.
Submission, Friday September 6th, 9pm -12am. 2500 Summer St. 77009

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Counterclockwise, Documented

Human Hamster Wheel with Hamster Bend Lind, Image byHector Luna

In December 2012, Continuum's friend, sculptor James Ciosek, invited us to conceive a performance art event around his installation  "Human Hamster Wheel" at Lawndale Art Center's Sculpture Yard,  we were delighted to participate. It was a bit of a challenge for us to work under such a prestigious art institution because we are used to work free of limitations or regulations,  but we love challenges, so we presented the idea of Counterclockwise: A Carnivalesque Performance Art Adventure.  Although in Continuum we try to stay away from themed exhibitions due to the diversity of themes our large group of artists explore, with Counterclockwise we decided that a theme of a carnival  environment in which nothing is as it seems, concepts are twisted, and performances are perfectly subject to failure would be a great approach to take. In other words, if everything went to shit, and nothing made sense within, failure or not achieving to adhere to the theme of failure would be a success. 

The following is documentation of our successful failures and failing to fail performances that created Counterclockwise.

We found a Human Hamster for the wheel, he even had a cute hamster costume, but then he failed us by canceling two days prior to the carnival  Fortunately, Ben Lind, a super popular hamster and musician in Houston came to the rescue.  Our new hamster walked and ran on the wheel for the entire duration of the carnival.  He posted his cellphone number outside the wheel for carnival goers to call him and ask him hamster stuff, perhaps things like: Why are you rushing to go nowhere?  Are you nuts?  We of course, had lots of nuts and hamster treats to keep him healthy, thankfully , he didn't perished at a young age like most hamsters do. Thank you so much for your endurance performance hamster Ben Lind.

Image courtesy of Alex Barber

Image courtesy of Hilary Scullane

Militia "Malice" Tiamat presented "Vegas, The Amazing Mind Reading Cat." There was so much buzz and anticipation around this piece because this was the first time that we had a feline performance artist with Continuum, so when the time came to perform, we literally fro zed in time the entire carnival to lend all eyes and ears to Vegas. As far as for failure or success achievement, well...... we all know cats are tricky, but you can judge for yourself by watching the video below.

Documented By Jonatan Lopez

Image courtesy of Hilary Scullane

Another big buzz around the carnival was the attraction "Real Living Hermaprhodite" by Koomah. Who does not want to see something like that?  A rare treat would be indeed to be able to look under her/his skirt.  But when you walked behind the curtain, an Intersex(Hermaphrodite)  counselor engaged with you in a chat about the myths and facts about his community and what it's like to be an Intersex individual in this time and age.

Images courtesy of Jonatan Lopez

Hilary Scullane brought her amazing performative sculpture "Change Machine,"  but this time the machine was giving very adult themed items in return such as condoms, sex toys and even an Alcoholics Anonymous book. Coincidentally, some of those items were exactly the things that some attendees were in need for that very afternoon.  Anyway, as usual the machine failed at working properly by never returning coins,  but it was successful at making everyone smile,  and at making the artist richer. 

Images courtesy of the artist

Raindawg became a strange artfully cool interactive ambulant attraction. Carnival  goers had to activate the iPad in his stomach to interpret his message of doom, or anti-doom.

Image courtesy of Alex Barber

Sway Youngston presented an extension of her popular past piece "Kissing Olympics" with "Kissing Competitive Booth". Once again, you received scores for your kisses, but this time you actually got prizes for your scores such as stuffed animals and a variety of cute nicknacks (since kids were around, there were no over the top PDA's this time).

Kiki Marron, one of the most popular and sexy burlesque and sideshow clowns around Houston joined us with a Popcorn Booth, the twist though, was that you could only buy popcorn by whispering to her ear a dirty little secret. Soon enough, the entire carnival was eating PopCorn, event the kids. I guess we all have dirty little secrets. 

Image courtesy of Alex Barber

We also had a mermaid, her name was "Jade". We failed at getting a large kiddie mermaid pool for her, so one of Lawndale's beer tubs had to suffice for the occasion. She kept shouting strange things like, "please rescue me, these people mistreat mermaids."!!!

At sometime within the show, someone knocked down her tub,  she found her chance to escape so she miraculously grew legs and ran away (no mermaids were harmed within this carnival, only chained up and harassed over the phone to show up).

I, Jonatan Lopez, became the ringleader of the carnival, walking backwards nonstop counterclockwise around the wheel during the entire show.  I spoke half the time in Spanish about contradictory and senseless notions of art, time and carnivals.  I also encouraged our audience to spend money in the attractions by handing them dollars bills to do so, and to spend all of their bank account savings on something fun within the next three days before the scheduled Mayan End Of the World for December of 2012, (failed prediction). One of my wicked  cat eye contacts kept moving sideways and made me look like a cat on drugs, so that made me feel pretty good about failing at something, and dizzy.

Image courtesy of Hector Luna

There were other features that blissfully enhanced the environment:

Derick Brooze from The Free Thinkers drummed to the eerie sound of the rusted gears of the Human Hamster Wheel, and to the mildly annoying carrousel music played backwards soundtrack provided by Fusilarbol (Jonatan Lopez's sound project).

Image courtesy of Alex Barber

We had a beautiful hula hop artist (Jessie Noel) enlivening the carnival with playful energy and illegal fireworks provided by James Ciosek. There was no failure to this piece except that she showed up very late, and thats was succesfully ok.

Images courtesy of Hilary Scullane

In addition, or lack of it, our Belly Dancer never showed up, that was one of  our most successful failed attractions of the carnival. Yay, long live successful failure!!

In conclusion, some pieces succeeded at failing, and others failed at failing, that made Counterclockwise a successful failure themed show.

 We are all hamsters after all, we succeed  at being able to run and spin in this globe we call earth along with a tedious work routine and/or countless excessive pleasures, but we all know that in the end we really are going nowhere, however, life is a pretty cool hamster wheel to be spinning in for now.

Special thanks to James Ciosek, Lawndale Art Center, Alex Barber, Ben Lind, Dreick Brooze, Kiki Marroon, and of course, our wonderful audience, we always meet super awesome new friends at these events.  Oh and special thanks to that gust of wind that stole our decorative helium balloons, the snow cone truck that never showed up, and the rain that didn't ruin our event,  more successful failures to complete Counterclockwise.

This performance event was conceived, organized and curated by Jonatan Lopez and Hilary Scullane, facilitated by Continuum, James Ciosek and Lawndale Art Center in December of 2012.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Continuum at Sandy Ewen's Projection & Amplification

Self Love, Protection. Image by James Johnson

Continuum's friend Sandy Ewen had an amazing exhibition of abstract works at Fresh Arts in December 2012, her show featured a series of experimental sound and performance art showcases in which we were invited to participate.  The following is documentation of two of our performance contributions.

Employing  projection to clone himself, Jonatan performed "Self Love, Protection," a performance about self-esteem and drug induced masturbation.

Documented by Jonas Harris

Sway Youngston performed an eerie piece to Sandy's sound set that involved dragging her body through the floor like a worm in pain while covered entirely in soap, smearing a gooey white trail behind her. 

Images courtesy of Jonas Harris

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Uncoupling and Critiquing Criticism at Contemporary Art Fair 2012

Uncoupling, Image by Hilary Scullane

Performance art can be a powerful healing force, performance art is transcendence, transformation, a refreshing breeze to the aching soul. At times, performance artists draw from the most intimate aspects of their lives to create their work, no matter how painful or dark of a place they may have to enter, this helps the artist in the process of healing and growing as a human being.  Audiences that witness and experience these works often identify with the artist's emotions and may gain a certain wisdom.

Sway Youngston and Raindawg professed their love to each other within an alternative marriage ceremony during KALI, our Valentines' Day performance event in 2012 at The Orange Show. (See their performance here, A REALISTIC PEDGE).

In a similar way, the artists used performance art as method of coping with their decision to part ways, this time through a small ritual entitled "Uncoupling."

Documented by David Collins

Images courtesy of Hilary Scullane

On a lighter note, using performance as a playful social experiment inside the Contemporary Art Fair, Hilary Scullane and Jonatan Lopez attempted to review the fair blindly. With the help of Jonatan as her muted-by-duct-tape guide a blindfolded Hilary interviewed art buyers and curators about the visuals,  presentations, artist techniques, concepts, and their overall opinions on the featured art. No life changing experience was gained, but it was extremely interesting to hear people describing art works to a critic that can't see them, and they gained wisdom about contemporary art without critiquing it.

                                Bill Arning discusses contemporary art with Hilary.     

Images courtesy of Raindawg

Friday, October 12, 2012


Continuum Live Art Series
Artist Residency at Avant Garden

Continuum presents a series of wildly adventurous live art events and workshops designed to strengthen and showcase Houston's growing performance art scene.

Press Release:

Dated: October 5, 2012

Houston’s performance art group Continuum happily announces their first Artist Residency granted by Houston’s art and entertainment venue, AvantGarden. The members of Continuum will host a series of site specific performance art events and workshops for a period of six months, from November 2012 to April 2013. The Grand Opening Night of Continuum Live Art Series will be held on Friday, November 30th beginning at 7:30 PM and will include cutting edge performance art from Julia Wallace, Jonatan Lopez, Unna Bettie, Hilary Scullane, Koomah, Evan McCarley, Raindawg, Zubi Puente & Y.E. Torres, Tina McPherson, Black Magic Marker, Militia “Malice” Tiamat, Jessica Mendez, Chus Martinez, Jana Whatley and more.

In the past couple of years Houston has witnessed extraordinary growth in its performance art scene. Continuum has been an integral part of this nascent growth, having facilitated an engaging series of workshops and performance events at local venues as well as guerrilla style performances around town. With “Continuum Live Art Series”, the group will continue encouraging local emerging performance artists by providing the opportunity to experiment and expand their body of work. AvantGarden, a venue that recently took part in organizing and hosting  “Lone Star Explosion,” Houston’s first International Performance Art Biennial, is the ideal host for this exciting endeavor due to its interest in supporting the medium of performance art.

Continuum Live Art Events will usually occur on the last weekend of each month. Workshops will be held on Sunday evenings at AvantGarden’s upstairs gallery two weeks prior to each Live Art Event. Workshop participants will be able to sharpen their ideas through fun performance exercises and encouraging feedback provided by Continuum members. The Grand Opening will include over ten local performance artists that will inhabit the venue in a unique and provocative way, inviting the audience to become part of the art itself.

Participation is encouraged! If you are interested in performing at the monthly events or attending the workshops, please email Continuum at continuumperformanceart@gmail.com.

  • Opening Night. Friday, November 30th, 7:30pm - (No set end time) AvantGarden. 411 Westheimer, 77006
  • Performance Art Workshop 1. Sunday, November  18th 5-8pm,  AvantGarden (upstairs)
         All events and workshops are free of charge.  

About Continuum:

Continuum is a social sculpture project formed by a group of artists that came together in a performance art workshop facilitated by Julia Wallace in March and April of 2011 at The Jenner House in Houston, TX.  Through the four week interactive experience the artists discovered ways of creating powerful performances through collaboration, participation, experimentation, documentation, and encouraging feedback. They are connected in the desire to help and encourage each other's self discovery through performance, as well as to give the gift of performative expression to others. Continuum aspires to create an encouraging and safe atmosphere for each other as well as the community to explore and express themselves through the medium of performance art. www.continuumperformanceart.com

About AvantGarden:

What’s most unique about AvantGarden is its genuine commitment to showcasing new and local talent. It has been called an incubator, offering performers their first shot at presenting their work to the public, and a developer of talent, providing the opportunity for artists to cultivate their craft and their careers before moving on to much larger venues. On any given night of the week one can experience Argentine tango, poetry, experimental music or jazz,  an original theater production or a performance art event, a local rock band armed with homemade instruments, fire spinners, carnies and belly dancers in full swing, a life drawing session, a visual art exhibit, a local filmmaker’s showcase; the list is just exhaustive. AvantGarden’s owner, Mariana Lemesoff, started with a vision to nurture the creative core of the city, and in so doing, she has added significantly to the cultural capital of Houston. www.avantgardenhouston.com

Press Release contact:
Jonatan Lopez, Continuum Facilitator
Phone: 512 689 0209

Monday, October 8, 2012

Continuum at White Noise, The Clean Laundry Project by Southmorehouse

Wash That Man Out of my Hair by Julia Wallace. Image courtesy of Baltazar Canales

Southmorehouse always comes up with the strangest and coolest ideas for art events, we were thrilled to be part of White Noise, The Clean Laundry Project, an experimental noise and performance art show at a local Laundromat. The following is documentation of our performances developed for the occasion.

Hilary Scullane created a highly commercial functional performative sculpture in the shape of change machine. It was a very popular piece amongst children,  and generated large sums of cash for the artist, but instead of actual change, the clients got in return random objects such as bananas, a shoe, and even a bible.

Images courtesy of the artist

Documented by Jonatan Lopez

Julia Wallace performed a piece called "Wash That Man Right Out of my Hair".

Image courtesy of Hilary Scullane

Documented by Jonatan Lopez

Thoughts from the artist:

This is a performance about the way we talk about the people we love.
This is a performance about women talk about men
This is how a man gives a blow job.
This is a performance about how sick an old joke makes me feel.
This is a performance about desperation and inability.

(The background music is a track from her own sound project "SugarTIT").

In "Imprint",  Unna Betttie shared kisses with the audience in a stunningly beautiful fashion.

Images courtesy of Hilary Scullane

Documented by Baltazar Canales

Jonatan Lopez performed "Be A Woman."  A performance about coming to terms with sexual roles  within gay intimacy.

Documented by Hilary Scullane

Image courtesy of Southmorehouse

After this last performance and while the last music set, everyone started getting naked to do their laundry and dance, then the owner of the Laundromat busted out screaming at us swinging a bible, at first we thought this was a performance too but we soon realized that she was kicking us out. Oh well, we apologized and thanked her for having us. It was an unforgettable night.

Special thanks to SOUTHMOREHOUSE. You rock our world!!!!!!!

White Noise happened in Houston, TX in September of 2012, it was presented by local renegade arts group Southmorehouse (location of Laundromat not disclosed due to owner's request).